Saturday, November 29, 2008

Picture of the Australian Goldcoast
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Monday, November 17, 2008

EU comments on PH aviation

Air carriers from the Republic of Philippines
There is verified evidence of serious safety deficiencies onthe part of all air carriers certified in the Republic ofPhilippines and of the insufficient ability of the authoritiesresponsible for the oversight of air carrierscertified in the in the Philippines to address safety deficiencies,,as showed by the continuation of the downgradingof the country's safety rating to category two bythe U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal AviationAdministration (FAA) in the framework of its IASAprogramme, indicating that that the Republic ofPhilippines fails to comply with international safetystandards set by ICAO.
The Competent Authorities of the Philippines havehowever presented to the Commission on 13 October2008 a detailed corrective action plan to redress thesafety situation of the country's civil aviation, so that,when completed, the Philippines can demonstratesustainable compliance with ICAO standards both inthe State oversight system and in the operations of aircarriers licensed by these authorities. According to thatplan, approximately half of the corrective actions are tobe completed by 31 December 2008, the remaining onesby 31 March 2009.
In the framework of the USOAP, the competent authoritiesof Philippines have requested ICAO to delay itscomprehensive inspection of their national Air TransportationOffice, previously scheduled for November 2008,until October 2009.
The European Commission intends to carry out, with theassistance of the Member States, a safety assessment ofthe competent authorities of the Philippines, includingthe verification of the implementation of the abovementionedcorrective actions plan, early 2009, to beable to decide the appropriate course of action at anext Air Safety Committee meeting.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

EU airline blacklist

This is a quote from the latest EU airline blacklist.

The Commission also examined the action plan addressing the exercise of oversight in the Philippines, and intends to carry out with Member States a safety assessment of the Philippine civil aviation authorities in early 2009.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Inside The A320 5000 series.
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